Blockchain, Drone & Automation Solutions

for Environmentally & Socially Driven Organisations

Turnkey Technologies & Solutions

After over 2 years of research and development, the following key technologies and solutions are now available & ready to be deployed by us or to be integrated into your own systems, with more coming soon!

Low-Emission Blockchain

“Real-world assets” can be easily tokenised and tracked on an open source low-energy hungry blockchain.

First deployed on trees, organisations can now:

– Identify, Individualise & Track every tree

– Visualise & Monitor every tree on Google Maps

– Automate payments to Farmers after verification of the ongoing status of each tree

Drone Mapping & Monitoring

Every “real-world asset” can also be precisely located, mapped & monitored using Drone Automated Flights.

First deployed on trees, organisations can now:

– Locate every tree with precise GPS coordinates

– Monitor a large number of trees at reduced costs

– Identify trees requiring particular attention & Send local experts 

Carbon Assessment calculators

Helping companies & organisations to quantify GHG emissions for particular activities, industries, sectors and region through:

– User-friendly web platforms

– Our collection of database and emission factors filtered by relevant categories (countries, industries, activities, size, etc.)

Reporting Solutions

Whether for mandatory reporting (SFDR, SDR etc.) or voluntary reporting, our solutions can help companies and organisations to demonstrate:

– their sustainability efforts and leadership

– strenghthen their credentials in their respective market, optimise stakeholders values & drive positive change

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