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How do TGP Campaigns work?

Our Campaigns aim at advertising new Action Areas or rejuvenate efforts in our ongoing projects.

Currently, through our first Project #1, we’ll try to raise awareness about how every activity has a carbon footprint and that choices you make can help reduce your footprint.

Once your carbon footprint has been quantified, you’ll be invited to compensate your C02 emissions by planting trees in one of our actions areas where a reforestation campaign is taking place. You’ll also be invited to set goals to reduce your footprint over time.

Our reforestation campaigns will first target countries located between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, just above and below the Equator. In this tropic zone, the sun is strong, and forests enjoy the same amount of sunlight all year long, making this zone ideal for the planting and the survival of trees.

We will later introduce campaigns outside the Tropic region to help countries become carbon neutral locally.

We hope you’ll give us your support in our efforts to fight climate change and its consequences. 

Our latest campaign: Vietnam

Vietnam is located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, making its localisation ideal for natural habitats.

However, its forests, particularly the Northern Rain Forests, are in a very bad state.

With your help and the help of our partners, we aim at planting new trees to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and help local communities benefit from maintaining their forests through sustainable forest management and permaculture.

The carbon benefits can be used by our Community members to compensate their carbon footprint.

Vietnam is a partner country to the United Nations’ REDD+ Programme. Our actions will be carried out in line with the proposals set out in this context.


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Due to the recent storms in Indonesia, in particular in the coastal area of Jakarta, wetlands have been devasted and entire rows of mangroves have been lost.

It is urgent to replant mangroves to protect the surrounding areas from new storms, hurricanes and erosion, but also to restore the ecosystem as mangroves serve as spawning grounds and nurseries for fish and as habitat for local fauna and flora.